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The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
A marauder era RPG
Recent Entries 
2nd-Dec-2005 12:19 am(no subject)
Who - Bellatrix and Rodolphus
When - Right after the Bellatrix and James log (I would link, but I don't know how to do that)
Where - Slytherin boys dormitory
Mentioned - James

'I trust you.'Collapse )
2nd-Dec-2005 04:23 am(no subject)
So I'm not convinced
Who: James, Bellatrix, and Rodolphus
Where: Defence classroom
When: Thursday, after Transfig
Mentioned: Sirius, Remus, Viridian, Blythe

'You'll likely try to make me look like a fool in front of the class.'Collapse )
1st-Dec-2005 04:14 am(no subject)
So I'm quiet
Who: James and Bellatrix
Where: DADA, Great Hall, and finally Library
When: Wednesday, after DADA
Mentioned: Sirius, Remus, Rodolphus

'I've got loads of research, James.'Collapse )
30th-Nov-2005 07:35 pm(no subject)
Who – Remus and Sirius
Where – Gryffindor Boys Dorm
When – Monday or Tuesday evening
Mentioned – James, Peter, Lily

'I can't believe James would do that.'Collapse )
30th-Nov-2005 04:50 am(no subject)
Who: Narcissa and Rabastan
Where: Slytherin Common Room & an empty classroom
When: Tuesday
Mentioned: Regulus, Bellatrix, Rodolphus
Warning - Het

'You really did have sex with your cousin?'Collapse )
30th-Nov-2005 04:43 am(no subject)
So I'm quiet
Who: Remus and James
Where: Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory; hidden passage near Hufflepuff
When: Monday afternoon
Mentioned: Sirius, Peter

'Maybe we can call Sirius and Peter and they can help...'Collapse )
28th-Nov-2005 07:23 pm(no subject)
Who: Rabastan and Narcissa
When: Sunday evening
Where: Slytherin boys dorm
Mentioned: Bellatrix, Rodolphus, Regulus
Warning -- Het

'This is your final chance.'Collapse )
29th-Nov-2005 12:43 am(no subject)
So I'm quiet
Who: James and Sirius
Where: Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory
When: Sunday, after Quidditch practice

'Everyone should have a Sirius.'Collapse )
27th-Nov-2005 07:47 am(no subject)
Who: Narcissa and Regulus
Where: Corridor just outside Slytherin common room
When: Saturday, after this log
Mentioned: Rabastan

'I won't let you tell me how to feel.'Collapse )
27th-Nov-2005 05:34 am(no subject)
Who: Narcissa and Rabastan (And Regulus)
Where: Slytherin Common Room & Boys' Dormitory
When: Saturday afternoon
Mentioned: Bellatrix, Rodolphus

And what exactly are you on about?Collapse )
26th-Nov-2005 09:47 pm(no subject)
Who: Bellatrix and Narcissa
When: Friday evening
Where: Slytherin common room
Mentioned: Rodolphus, Rabastian, Andromeda, Sirius, Regulus (not in that order)

'He's mine.'Collapse )
25th-Nov-2005 12:52 am(no subject)
So I'm quiet
Who: James and Remus
When: Friday
Where: Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory
Mentioned: Sirius

'So--that's it--you're rather not.. be friends..?'Collapse )
21st-Nov-2005 10:47 pm(no subject)
Who: Bellatrix and Rodolphus
When: Last night
Where: Common room then the boys dorm
Warning - Het

As soon as we are free of this place, I will make you my wife.Collapse )
21st-Nov-2005 06:17 am(no subject)
So I'm quiet
Who: Remus and James
Where: Gryffindor boys' dormitory
When: Thursday, after this log
Mentioned: Sirius

'I'm sorry I didn't tell you that before.'Collapse )
20th-Nov-2005 08:27 pm(no subject)
Who – Remus and Sirius
When – The morning after this log
Where – Gryffindor Boys Dorm
Mentioned - James

'Listen, ah, something happened. Don't worry.'Collapse )
17th-Nov-2005 03:10 am(no subject)
So I'm quiet
Who: James and Sirius
Where: Gryffindor Dormitory
When: Late Wednesday night
Mentioned: Remus

'Why does it smell all Prongs-like?'Collapse )
16th-Nov-2005 05:39 pm - Dorcas & Regulus mess around
Thinking beneath
Who: Dorcas & Regulus
Where: Room of Requirement
When: About three AM

I'm sure we'll have a hand in each other's deaths.Collapse )
16th-Nov-2005 01:14 pm(no subject)
Who: Marlene, Lily
When: Wednesday lunchtime
Where: Gryffindor Sixth Year Girls' Dormitory

We shouldn't know, Marlene. We shouldn't understandCollapse )
16th-Nov-2005 05:15 am(no subject)
Who: Lily, Alice
When: Wednesday morning, after this log
Where: Gryffindor Sixth Year Girls' Dormitory

She would wait to hear it until Lily had the strength to tellCollapse )
16th-Nov-2005 05:12 am(no subject)
Who: James, Lily
When: Wednesday morning, after breakfast, where Lily receives this letter.
Where: Gryffindor Common Room

Tears fell down her cheeks, unchecked, in a steady streamCollapse )
16th-Nov-2005 04:34 am(no subject)
So I'm searching
Who: James, Remus, Sirius (& Peter briefly)
What: Discussing recent events
Where: Gryffindor boys' dormitory
When: Late Monday night
Mentioned: Blythe, Antonin

'So what, you've been carrying on an illicit, journal romance?'Collapse )
15th-Nov-2005 08:43 pm(no subject)
antonin 3
Who: James and Antonin
When: Tuesday evning before dinner
Where: Hallway
Mentioned: Blythe

You tell me how it feels...Collapse )
15th-Nov-2005 08:19 pm - Dorcas & Regulus play nice?
Who: Dorcas & Regulus
Where: Their usual place by the edge of the lake
When: Last night, after Regulus begged her to talk to him.
Mentioned: Narcissa

Oh bloody, bloody hell!Collapse )
16th-Nov-2005 12:32 am(no subject)
So I'm quiet

Who: James and Blythe
Where: Gryffindor Tower Common Room
When: Tuesday evening

...he lead her back to Gryffindor Tower...Collapse )
15th-Nov-2005 05:23 pm(no subject)
Who – Sirius and Remus
Where – the alcove by Gryffindor Tower
When – Friday during a free period

'Yeah, I'm kind of glad Dumbledore is sending me home on Tuesday. The tension in the castle is getting unbearable.'Collapse )
15th-Nov-2005 10:00 pm(no subject)
a little wary but alive
Who: Rodolphus and Rabastian
What: An informational visit
Where: Slytherin common room/dormitories
When: Tuesday afternoon
Mentioned: Bellatrix

'When will you be proposing?'Collapse )
15th-Nov-2005 12:12 am(no subject)
Who – Blythe and James – and Dumbledore, Slughorn and Pomfrey
Where – Room of Requirement and Hospital Wing
When – Sunday evening
Mentioned – Antonin

'You should go to the hospital wing.'Collapse )
15th-Nov-2005 04:47 am(no subject)
a little wary but alive
Who: Rodolphus and Bellatrix
What: A quick romp
When: Monday
Where: Slytherin Dormitories
Mentioned: Blythe, Antonin, James

'I will make you my wife.'Collapse )
14th-Nov-2005 11:35 pm(no subject)
antonin 3
Who: Rodolphus and Antonin
When: Sunday evening
Where: Boys dorm
Mentioned: James, Blythe, Bellatrix

You've shared her with Potter..Collapse )
13th-Nov-2005 11:18 pm(no subject)
Who – Blythe and Antonin
Where – A random classroom on the fifth floor
When – Sunday evening
Mentioned – James
Warning - Het, Violence, Non-consensual

'This whole time you knew it was James and you never said anything to me?'Collapse )
14th-Nov-2005 03:11 am(no subject)
So I'm quiet
Who: James and Blythe
Where: Room of Requirement
When: Saturday
Mentioned: Antonin, Remus, Sirius, Bellatrix, Rodolphus
Warnings: Het

'I really like you, James.'Collapse )
13th-Nov-2005 12:48 pm(no subject)
Who: Rodolphus and Bellatrix
Where: Boys dorm
When: Last night
Warning: Sexual content

And suddenly Bellatrix was in charge.Collapse )
12th-Nov-2005 01:17 am - Cissa has her way with Reg
Blackest of All
Who: Narcissa & Regulus
Where: Boys' Dormitory
When: Evening, sometime after Regulus posts his broken-heart entry
Mentioned: Rabastan, Rodolphus, Bella (all briefly)
Warnings: Rated R for adult themes *wink*

Too bad you didn't get to Rodolphus before Bella.Collapse )
Who: Lily, Dorcas
Where: Random empty room
When: Friday night
Mentioned: Regulus, Sirius, Marlene, Alice, Remus, James, Severus, Frank, McGonagall, Janet, Bellatrix

Lily had procrastinated long enough, she decided, and marched up the stairs to check for Dorcas.Collapse )
11th-Nov-2005 01:46 pm - Sirius & Regulus act like family?
Blackest of All
Who: Sirius & Regulus
Where: Charms classroom
When: Backdated: Thursday night, after supper
Mentioned: Dorcas, [Narcissa, James, Remus, Fabian Prewett (briefly)]

So talk.Collapse )
10th-Nov-2005 09:48 pm(no subject)
Who: Rodolphus and Bellatrix
Where: The lake
When: Thursday evening after dinner
Mentioned: Blythe, Antonin
Warning: Het

I think I'd like you to be my girlfriend.Collapse )
10th-Nov-2005 10:45 am - Dorcas goes to McGonagall's Office
weird, guilty, worried, melancholy
Who: McGonagall, Dorcas, Sirius
Where: McGonagall's Office
When: Thursday, 8am
Mentioned: Regulus

Dorcas arrived at McGonagall's office at 8am sharp, as requested.Collapse )
10th-Nov-2005 02:17 am - Dorcas gives Sirius's wand to Regulus
intense, serious
Who: Regulus, Dorcas
Where: The far side of the lake
When: Wednesday, after dark, a few hours before curfew
Mentioned: Sirius

Dorcas took Sirius Black's wand out of her pocket and offered it to Regulus on her outstretched palm.Collapse )
13th-Nov-2005 09:59 pm(no subject)
Who: Alice, Lily
Where: Gryffindor Tower, 6th Year Girls' Dormitory
When: Wednesday, after dinner
Mentioned: Remus, Sirius, Marlene, Dorcas, Regulus, brief references to Frank Longbottom

Alice, come look at thisCollapse )
9th-Nov-2005 02:49 pm(no subject)
siriusly handsome
Who: Sirius, Lily
Where: Gryffindor Tower, 6th Year Boys' Dormitory
When: Wednesday afternoon, after these comments
Mentioned: Dorcas, Alice, Remus, Marlene

He'd been Beaten Up By a She-MaleCollapse )
9th-Nov-2005 01:25 pm(no subject)
Who: Lily & Dorcas
When: Lunch, Wednesday
Where: Great Hall
Mentioned: Sirius, Marlene, Alice, Frank

Lily entered the Great Hall at a furious paceCollapse )
intense, serious
Who: Sirius, Dorcas
Where: Courtyard
When: Late Tuesday night, shortly after this journal conversation
Mentioned: Severus, James, Remus, Marlene, Regulus

'Yes, you arrogant, lying, disgusting, worthless disgrace of a nance, I am going to beat you up.'Collapse )
8th-Nov-2005 10:34 pm(no subject)
Who: Lily & Alice
Where: Gryffindor Sixth Year Girls' Dormitory
When: After dinner, Tuesday evening
Mentioned: Remus, Sirius, Marlene, Dorcas

'Look in your journal!' Collapse )
7th-Nov-2005 07:16 pm(no subject)
Who - Dumbledore and James
Where - Dumbledore's office
When - Monday evening after DADA
Mentioned - Sirius, Blythe, Slytherins in general

'Lemon drop?'Collapse )
7th-Nov-2005 06:51 am(no subject)
Who – Remus and Sirius
Where – Defence Against the Dark Arts class
When – Monday morning
What – note-passing in class again.

Teasing is so much fun…Collapse )
6th-Nov-2005 02:11 pm(no subject)
Who - Remus, Sirius, OPEN to anyone who wants to witness this
Where - Library
When - Sunday afternoon/evening
Mentioned -

Remus and Sirius were sitting at a table near the window with books spread out between them.Collapse )
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